specky four-eyes

9 May
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it is my [not so?] secret ambition to become as much like a little boy from the eighties as it possible for a 21 year old girl to be. i want to live in california and write subtitles for tv shows. i hate stupid retro fuckers and people who go to university. just cos.

Pee Ess : quite a bit of my journal is friends only.
80s kids films, adventures, backstage at reading, boys with pocket watches, bright eyes, busted, cyndi lauper style, eerie indiana, eve&lucy's black&whiteminstrels show, fat face crew, geek chic, ghost world, glaive shows, gore, graff ninja, graffiti, green flash, halloween, hi-top sneakers, japan, japanese street fashion, lidl, marrying james bourne, megadrive, mike trifle, mixtapes, multiple exclamation marks, mutual hate, nape peircings, never leaving the house, no future, ouija boards, perfect teenhood, pervingoverthe kraftyvideo, piping, playing hipster bingo, playing in the park, pokey out veins, pop punk, rollerskatin', simon amstell, sincerity, spookiness, stalking fake psychosis, stalking in general, summertime, superlovers, tanned hello kitty, the coreys, the cribs, the fantasy comic book, the goonies, the in crowd, the jarmen, thedemiseof marykateolsen, tim burton, trashy horror films, trip fontaine, vampires, velcro trainers, video nasties, vincent kartheiser, white plastic, wishing, work crushes, working at the cinema, xylophones, yo-ville